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Balse Robin

Person ・ Staff

Battler Party Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 18-Ch. 37
  • Iruma joins a battler, and sets out to win the special prize awarded to exemplary battlers

Cannon Ball Execution Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 10-Ch. 16
  • Iruma learns to play demon dogeball to try and raise his rank.

Dantalion Dali

Person ・ Staff
  • The most senior teacher at Babyls, though a very laid back man.

Demon Genealogy

Concept ・ Demons

Evidol Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 40-Ch. 42
  • Iruma and friends end up as a stand-in for a famous Evidol.

Evidol Games Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 184-Ch. 197
  • Iruma, Lied, and Ameri become Evidols and participate in an Evidol competition.

Harvest Festival Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 95-Ch. 140
  • The misfits train, and aim to raise their ranks in a 4-day long survival test.

Heartbreaker Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 233
  • After seeing the misfits get cocky, the teachers decide to give them a herculean exam.

Ifrit Djinn Eito

Person ・ Staff

Ipos Ichou

Person ・ Staff

Marbas Family

Concept ・ Families

Marbas March

Person ・ Staff

Murmur Tsumuru

Person ・ Staff

Music Festival Arc

Event ・ Story ArcsCh. 147-Ch. 171
  • During their final event as freshmen, the misfits try to raise their ranks in a music competition.

Naberius Kalego

Person ・ Staff
  • The 'guard dog' of Babyls and a very strict teacher.
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Orias Family

Concept ・ Families

Orias Oswell

Person ・ Staff
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